Best Dress Code For Wedding Guests

Maybe you’ve been invited to a wedding and you’re wondering – what is the best dress for wedding guests? Well help is at hand!

Weddings are formal events that require you to follow a dress code depending on the theme of the day.

Most times, an evening dress or formal mens wear will do perfectly.

With the evolution of evening wear fashion for women, there is now a bit of leeway with variations of cocktail dresses to try out.

Below is a mix of wedding dresses that will make you look your best at the next wedding you attend.

Best Dress Code For Wedding Guests
Best Dress Code For Wedding Guests
Best Dress Code For Wedding Guests
Best Dress Code For Wedding Guests
Best Dress Code For Wedding Guests
Best Dress Code For Wedding Guests

Choose a long evening dress

It has to be a floor length dress if the event is strictly formal. You have to choose a fabric and design that is elegant and sophisticated – satins or fabrics with a lot of drape such as silk, chiffon, or crepe would work well.

You can have thigh-high slits and cutouts, but remember to balance it out so you don’t look like tarty.

Keep your jewelry to one or two bold pieces if your dress has cut-outs, and avoid going for a cleavage-busting bodice in case of thigh-high slit.

If the dress has a very basic design, feel free to dress it up with big pieces of jewelry.

Also, if you need a little something to keep the dress together, go for a beaded belt or a simple sash.

Wear these types of accessories if you have a defined waist and steer clear of pairing them with superfitted dresses or empire waist.


Pick attention grabbing accessories

Any jewelry with stones or diamonds that let both your face and dress glow will be ideal.

You can add hair jewelry if you plan on attending the event without earrings. If you want to wear earrings and a necklace, try to match them both, or you can wear just earrings or necklace.

Colored sapphire rings such like pink sapphire rings can further let you add symbolism to your outfit.

Pink sapphire rings look beautiful when set in black or white gold and accented with certified diamonds. This type of jewelry can be the centerpiece of your wedding guest look.

If you have selected a sequin one-shoulder length dress, and are not sure about how formal the event is, stick to a subtle silhouette and jazz up the look with accessories such as a shawl, a beaded jacket, or a thick bracelet. These choices will give you greater control over how dramatic or subtle you want to look.


Personalize your hairstyle and makeup

An acceptable dress code for wedding guests does not apply to your hairdo or makeup.

Choose makeup colors according to your skin tone and entire ensemble.

The best way to look elegant is to keep the makeup simple by applying moderate foundation. Adding a hint of bronzer later will go a long way in defining your face.

As for the eyes, go with peach eyeshadow and waterproof eyeliner if you have a light complexion and a lighter shade if you have dark skin tone. Plum red on the lips would finish off the bold black-tie affair look.

When it comes to your hair, a simple knot or a bun will leave you feeling comfortable.


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