How to Look Like Gigi Hadid in a White Cut Out Tank Top and Maxi Skirt

If you love Gigi Hadid’s street style and want to know how to look like she does in this white two piece, then check out our selection of cut out tank tops and maxi skirts with slits. We’ve put together a “Steal Her Style” collection that will produce a look that’s fit for an evening out or a stay-at-home date.


Why do we like this Gigi Hadid look? We adore it simply because a cut out tank top will give you a perky boost and is not only comfy with a pair of jeans but goes well with long skirts. Gigi’s look is daring and only a few celebs have successfully pulled off this look.


Gigi Hadid has become a bonafide “American Sweetheart” in the modeling world. She has an adorable California good girl demeanor and sunny disposition that is infectious. But don’t let her looks fool you, she is stylish and knows how to dress her curves. This midriff-baring cut out tank top and maxi skirt show off her curves perfectly.


Steal Gigi Hadid’s Look With These Cut Out Tank Tops



Steal Gigi Hadid’s Look With These Maxi Skirts With Slit

Whether you’re on the hunt for the sexiest maxi skirt or just want to steal her style, you’ve got no choice but to love this skirt. It elongates her legs and you can see a classic Tamara Mellon PVC footwear peeping through the slit of the skirt.


Whether it’s a bathrobe or lazy-girl sweats, Gigi sure knows how to rock a laid-back look. For your next night out, one of these white maxi skirts with side slit will definitely steal Gigi’s look.


You don’t have to wear an exact match Frontline sandals. Any of the below white sandals will do just fine. Just keep it simple and elegant. Remember, your slits need to show off your legs and footwear, so chose wisely.


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