Men’s Accessories Trends For 2018

While most guys might be a little averse to men’s accessories trends, the world of men’s fashion accessories is quietly thriving. Although such accessories tend to be simpler, plainer and more practical than women’s fashion accessories, the market for male accessories is rapidly increasing as more men opt for the style and practicality that accessories can bring to an outfit.


Update Your Look in 2018 With Men’s Accessories Trends

From belts to bags, hats to headphones, a new accessory can be a relatively cheap and easy way to update your look without having to splash out on a whole new wardrobe. In the current economic climate, accessorising is definitely on the up!

Of course, accessorizing for men is certainly not a new phenomenon. One only has to look back to the days of the Egyptians, when men would regularly dress up in jewels and finery, to appreciate that men have long known the benefits of a little decoration.

In more recent times, items which many consider to be synonymous with men’s clothing – such as ties, belts, hats and scarves – can also be recognised as, essentially, fashion accessories.

Today, the focus on fashion accessories for men is increasingly moving away from practicality and towards the aesthetic effect of the garment. This trend can be seen in the most popular accessories on the market for summer: hats and sunglasses.

Whereas previously the styles of these items might have been more aimed at the practical sun-protection than their visual appearance, such garments are rapidly becoming more similar to women’s accessories as style becomes increasingly important.

For Hats

This summer, look out for panama hats and trilby styles; straw, wicker and weave materials are all great options and will keep your head cool while also keeping the sun out. The recent trend for narrower brims might seem impractical but this gives a slimmer, sleeker silhouette to the hat. For colours, natural straw shades, khakis and low keys will work well with any outfit, although don’be afraid to try a more adventurous look with a bright blue or white hat.

For sunglasses

While the ubiquitous `ray-ban` style is still going strong, more fashionable types might want to try something different; aviator styles, `John Lennon` type circular sunglasses or thick-framed, `50`s style glasses are all wise options, instantly updating last year`s outfits.

For an update which will last you right through summer and into autumn and winter, less seasonal items such as bags, belts and scarves are well worth an investment.

The concept of the `man bag` might be a hotly contested subject but, as any `man bag` convert will confirm, a good bag is worth the debate! This season, while leather or canvas messenger bags remain a popular option, the trend is largely returning to the backpack.

Backpacks are a much easier way for men to make the transition to the man bag; a simple canvas backpack in a block colour, preferably with some interesting feature such as military style pockets or a drawstring top, will make a great hold-all through summer and into autumn. Teamed with a pair of chinos or a neutral tee such as those sold in the Humor jeans sale, this brings a European edge to the outfit that is both practical and attractive: everything an accessory should be.

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