Tracy Anderson’s Hot One Piece Polka Dot Swimsuit

Celebrity fitness trainer Tracy Anderson was seen wearing a hot one piece at a beach in Florida. The white and brown polka dotted swimsuit was a tad bit revealing, but we loved the cut and overall style of the swim wear.

The suit is a triple poppy plus one. The triple poppy swimsuit was a favorite of celebrities in 2017. 

These cutout swimsuits are unique and sexy without revealing all. When combined with a feminine and flirty polka print, this hot one piece truly brings sexy back!

Here’s what OutfitCritic loved about this look:

• Vintage polka dotted print

• It is a sexy and hot one piece suit

• Stylish tripple poppy

We scoured the internet and found some great look alike swim suits.


Our Top Two Recommendations:

Triple Poppy Knotted Polka Dotted Swimsuit

This stretch crepe triple poppy swimsuit is by Lisa Marie Fernandez. It is a close look alike to Tracy Anderson’t suit. The tomato-red polka-dots is an awesome color to mix and match any accessory of your choice.

Lounge By The Pool Playsuit

Alessandra Rich’s play suit is a good choice for ladies who want to take thier sex appeal a notch down. It features a halter neck and plunging neckline.

Other Hot One Piece Swimsuits:

COCO-C One Piece Polka Doy Swimsuit

This hot one piece is from the Leah Schlaer collection. It has a plunging neckline and comes with small polka prints.

Tracy Anderson's Hot One Piece Polka Dot Swimsuit

Hot One Piece With V Neck and Mesh

This piece features a combination of polka dots and mesh. It’s a really classic swim wear made in a vintage style that will always be fashionable.

50s Retro Polka Swimsuit

This vintage style one piece suit is conservative and a great choice for ladies who don’t want to show too much skin.

The only thing it has in common with Tracy Anderson’s hot one piece is the print.




Polka Dot Polly One Piece

Same color as Tracy Anderson’s hot one piece, but not as hot! The Polly swimsuit is from the Montce swim collection and exhudes confidence.


Tracy Anderson's Hot One Piece Polka Dot Swimsuit

Polka Criss Cross Swim Dress

This piece might not fall into the hot and sexy category, but if polka prints is what you want, then you’ll love this swim dress.

Kaleidoscope Hot One Piece

Not a polka dotted swim suit, but definitely the epitome of hot one piece suits.

Tracy Anderson's Hot One Piece Polka Dot Swimsuit

Colorful One Piece Swimsuit

The polka print on this swimsuit is colorful and vibrant. Great for a summer day at the beach.

Deep Plunge Swimsuit

We know we’ve left the realms of polka dots, but who can resist this plunging neck swim suit. It is hot and will turn heads any day.


Tracy Anderson's Hot One Piece Polka Dot Swimsuit

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