What To Wear In Summer

One common problem every woman encounters is what to wear in summer.

After a cold winter and calm spring, we usually enter summer with some excitement and trepidation.

We sometimes spend long hours staring at our closet wondering what would be appropriate for the weather.

Below are some summer clothing ideas from OC with love!


What To Wear In Summer
One-Shoulder Dress
What To Wear In Summer
Smocked Halter Dress
What To Wear In Summer
Bohemian Halter Maxi Long Dress
What To Wear In Summer
Summer Casual Strapless Romper
What To Wear In Summer
Casual Loose Romper Playsuit
What To Wear In Summer
Cover Up Sarong

Choosing what to wear in summer will depend on your style and preferences. The outfits you choose must have a common denominator – all light colors.

The heat usually calls for airy and light colored clothing to stay cool. So keep that in mind when shopping for summer clothes.

Light hues like patels are trendy, so choose comfy clothes with style in mind. 

Short dresses, rompers, halter dresses and tops are also ideal choices. Remember that summer is all about laid-back and comfy clothing. So make sure you are comfortable with your choices.

If you’re not an all white kinda girl, then you can mic in other colors. It is always a good idea to wear prints and patterns in summer. Because they give you a vibrant and sunny look.

Choose a good pair of sunglasses, light colored top, and a skirt or shorts to nail the perfect summer look.

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